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2014 Season

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The Last of the Red Hot Lovers

February 6, 7, 8, 9 and February 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16, 2014

We have replaced “Lend me a Tenor” with this classic comedy by Neil Simon that will keep you laughing!  Middle-aged Barney Cashman, who married his high school sweetheart, wants to have one sweeping extra-marital romantic fling in his tranquil, faithful, marriage before life passes him by. On three different afternoons, he brings women to his mother’s apartment while she’s at the hospital doing work. Behind plentiful laughs is a tender portrayal of a decent fellow who just can’t succeed in sinning.  This is a comedy that will linger with you even when the laughs become an appreciative memory!



This is not the Jekyll and Hyde you’ve always seen!  Henry Jekyll’s experiments bring forth his other self, Edward Hyde.  Hyde, who is portrayed  by four members of the cast, one of whom is female, is a sensualist and villain, free to commit the sins that Jekyll is too civilized to comprehend.  When Hyde meets a woman who stirs his interest, Jekyll fears for her life and decides to end his experiments, but Hyde has other ideas.  You won’t want to miss this hip, erotic show that is a little more theatrically intense than your grandfather’s version!

The Good Doctor TH98

A harridan storms a bank and upbraids the manager for his gout and lack of money and a father takes his son to a house where he will be initiated into the mysteries of sex, only to relent at the last moment. A crafty seducer goes to work on a wedded woman, only to realize that the woman has been in command from the first overture. Let us not forget the classic tale of a man who offers to drown himself for three rubles. The stories are droll, the portraits affectionate, the humor infectious and the fun unending!

Catch me if You Can TH98

Daniel is on his honeymoon in the Mountains of New York when his wife, Elizabeth, suddenly disappears. Frantic to locate her, he contacts Inspector Levine. While the two are discussing her disappearance, in comes Father Kelleher who magically produces Elizabeth.  Daniel denies that this woman is his wife, even though she can answer the Inspector’s questions about her husband down to the very last detail. Is she his wife? Has Daniel gone mad? Is the Priest involved in a scheme with Elizabeth? What does the deli man, Sidney have to do with it? Is Daniel’s boss Everett Parker and his wife part of it as well?  We find out with a twist ending that surprises everyone!

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Community theatre in Fairhope dates back to a group called The Paupaukewian Minstrels in 1912. The Fairhope Little Theatre was founded in 1935, followed by the Baldwin County Theatre Arts Association in 1952. Theatre 98 was founded in 1960, when existing theatre groups on the Eastern Shore merged to form a new organization. Betty Jo Wolff, the founder of Page and Palette bookstore, was the first president of Theatre 98, and remained active in the group for many years. Other founding volunteers included Vernon and Nancy Head, Annie (Butch) Sheldon, Dan Isherwood, Martha Hill, and Claude Evans.