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Community theatre in Fairhope dates back to a group called The Paupaukewian Minstrels in 1912. The Fairhope Little Theatre was founded in 1935, followed by the Baldwin County Theatre Arts Association in 1952. Theatre 98 was founded in 1960, when existing theatre groups on the Eastern Shore merged to form a new organization. Betty Jo Wolff, the founder of Page and Palette bookstore, was the first president of Theatre 98, and remained active in the group for many years. Other founding volunteers included Vernon and Nancy Head, Annie (Butch) Sheldon, Dan Isherwood, Martha Hill, and Claude Evans.

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Our NEXT Production!

Below is the latest information on our production up next at Theatre 98!


Catch Me If You Can

“Catch Me If You Can”

by Jack Weinstock and Willie Gilbert

Directed by Timothy Guy


Picture 1965, a Catskills resort area. A bride goes missing on her honeymoon, and is returned to the worried groom by a somewhat shady-seeming priest.  The groom stoutly maintains that this particular young woman is NOT his missing wife. A wise-cracking, but distracted detective has to figure out what’s really going on.  And what’s that beautiful model doing there? And the deli owner? And the groom’s boss?

Congratulations to the following listed cast and crew:

Daniel Corban: Ryan Peacock

Inspector Levine: Jon Robitaille

Father Kelleher: Brad Hare

Elizabeth Corban: Jessica Sturgis

Sadie, the deli owner: Robin Ann Page

Mrs. Parker: Heather Delker

Mr. Parker: John Gautier

Production Team:

Director: Timothy Guy

Tech Director: Jonne Thornton

Stage Manager: Hilary Martin

Assistant Stage Manager: Noelle Mileski

Costume Design: Michelle Patton

Sound Design: Clint Crouch

Set Decorator: Lia Frederick

L&S Operator: Anthony Lee

Props: Pat Marion

Posters & Programs: Julie George

Production Manager: Teri Odell

Assistant Production Manager: Chris Francendese

Performance dates are October 16-26, 2014.  We look forward to seeing you!