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Named after the highway that served as the Eastern Shore’s lifeline, since its founding in 1960, Theatre 98 has prided itself on bringing quality community theatre to our area. People from all walks of life come together as our actors, our backstage crews, our design teams, and of course our audience.   We offer four productions a season and strive to provide a blend of comedy and drama, old-favorites and exciting new shows, with the occasional musical or classical show thrown in. Join us!

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Our NEXT Production!

Below is the latest information on our production up next at Theatre 98!

Exhibit This poster


EXHIBIT THIS!–The Museum Comedies

by Luigi Jannuzzi

Directed by Jonne Thornton

February 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28 and March 1, 2015

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This new play, set in The Metropolitan Museum, brings famous art to life—from lovelorn Impressionist paintings to bickering tapestries to an Egyptian queen who doesn’t want to go back into her sarcophagus. Add in assorted museum guards, visitors, and artists, and stranger things than you can possibly imagine begin to happen…

CAST (in Alphabetical Order)

Dorothy (Dot) Ash

Joan Bentz

Will Dobson

Tim Eddy

Lia Frederick

Darlene Gautier

Ana Maria Harrison

Glenn Isaacs

Leslie Johnson

Hal Knox

Anthony Lee

Jessica Lucasson

Pat Marion

Noelle Mileski

Teri Odell

Elizabeth Robitaille

Jon Robitaille

Sebastian Rogers

Bette Runnels

Joyce Vath


Jonne Thornton Director/Tech Director/Production Design

Becky Thornton Costume Design

Megrez Rudolf Choreography

Julie George Poster & Program Design

Anthony Lee Sound Design

Chris Francendese Production Manager

Teri Odell Assistant Production Manager

Joan Bentz Stage Manager (Act 1)

Ana Maria Harrison Stage Manager (Act 2)

Michelle Patton Costumes

Art Chauvin Sound Operator

Heather Delker Props Mistress